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Take a deep dive into exploring your inner child, healing past traumas, breaking through glass barriers, or creating your dream-come-true life.
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This is an experience designed for you to love on yourself for the day. Whether you want to work on being beautiful, loved, and rejuvenated, this day is all for you by you.

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What is

The "Live Your Heart Out"

It is based on the ideology that life is meant to be lived freely, truly, and abundantly.

Modern living has disconnected us from the natural environment. We work so hard that work itself has distracted us from the purpose of life.

We have confused numbing with pleasure.

We've lost the ability to live our hearts out.

The LYHO Philosophy is about reconnecting us, to our truest selves, to others, and to nature.

In the face of hardship, adversity, and uncertainty, living our hearts out will always set us FREE.

Meet Nancy

Heart-ON Coach

Nancy Ma is a physiotherapist, Heart-ON Coach, and founder of Live Your Heart Out™. On her quest to becoming a better mother, lover, and leader, it struck her that she needed to lead the way by being her healthiest and most vibrant self. She prioritized her own desires, goals, and dreams so she could be the role model and the guide, rather than the fixer and healer of all problems. Now, she lives life on top of the world on the Niagara Escarpment in Grimsby, Ontario where she runs wellness retreats on her farm property. Nancy often travels the world with her high school lionheart, Brian, and their two wild and rambunctious children in tow.

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Transformational Journeys

We aim to support and guide others who aspire to live
vibrantly, consciously, and freely
- with hearts wide open.

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