The 9-5
Revitalization Retreat

Activate Your Vital Force Energy

If you are feeling lost, stagnant, or spinning your wheels on autopilot, then this retreat may be for you. The 9-5 Revitalization Retreat is curated for you if you want to break free from your stagnation, activate your vitality, and reconnect to your heart. This can be done all in a day's work on your mind, body, and soul.

What You'll Discover:

Your true purpose, and a way forward out of the monotonous cycle
How to reconnect to your heart and know what you truly want and what brings you joy
You're able to face your fears and reach outside your comfort zone
You aren't alone. You'll be in a safe space, surrounded by people who understand you and won't judge.

Revitalization Journey

LYHO Retreat Journey Step - Retreat


The first phase of revitalization is to retreat, take a step back and raise your level of conscious awareness of what is happening in your life. By retreating, with the right guidance and self-reflection tools, you'll have more clarity. You will be able to identify your energy blocks. You'll have more self-compassion. You will feel empowered because you'll know what you have control over and what you don't have control over.

You will feel more hopeful and peaceful in your heart. You'll also feel more grounded, supported, and safe.

LYHO Retreat Journey Step - Release


The second phase of Revitalization is to release, accept, and let go. In this phase, we release the blocks we've identified in the first phase.

We will learn self-love, self-acceptance, surrender, and forgiveness.

We will be doing guided journaling activities as well as engaging in active, physical movements that will support you in your release phase.

You will feel lighter, in flow, and creative.

LYHO Retreat Journey Step - Reconnect


This next phase of Revitalization is to reconnect to your heart to identify your true heart's purpose. You'll identify your goals and start to think about a greater vision and mission for your life. You'll reconnect with nature and feel Her love and support. You'll feel deeply connected to Life. You will renew your sense of gratitude. You'll be vulnerable and share your feelings, hopes, and dreams. You'll feel more connected, aligned, and purposeful.

You'll gain friends and have a greater sense of trust in yourself and others - you'll increase your confidence.

LYHO Retreat Journey Step - ReVITALize


In this final phase of your journey, you'll feel like yourself. You'll do things that you didn't previously think were possible for you. You'll reach outside your comfort zone. You'll take a risk. You'll sing, dance, run, and plunge into the cold. You’ll say things you were too scared to say.

You'll feel alive, empowered, and abundant.

But most importantly, you’ll stop hiding from your true self and you're going to remember who you are. You will be ReVITALized. You will reactivate your vital force energy, your spirit.

Your entire body will be buzzing with energy, passion, and love.

You'll leave here motivated, empowered, and ready to live your heart out!

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Retreat Itinerary

8:45 am


Prior to arrival, you will receive an email with directions, what to bring, and you will have forms to fill out. Please make sure you fill out the forms before you arrive.

9:00 am

Retreat Opening Ceremony

We will set and share intentions, experience a guided meditation with a sound bath, and we will journal for self-reflection and self-awareness.

10:00 am

Release Workshop

We will do a yin yoga stretch, we will mobilize our scars, and do other intuitive movements to release restrictions. We will also journal to release tension, emotional stagnation, and more…

11:00 am

Hydrotherapy Circuit

We will release further in the hydrotherapy circuit by sweating in the sauna. We will also immerse in the hot tub, cold plunge, infrared light, and pool (when in season).

12:30 pm

Nourishing Lunch

We will have a delicious, nutritious, and conscious meal together.

2:00 pm


We will go for a silent nature walk and be barefoot on the earth. You will have guided journaling prompts and a mirror. You will connect heart-to-heart with other participants.

3:00 pm


We will do revitalizing activities such as dancing ecstatically, plunging in the cold, vocal energizing, and more. These activities ARE UNCOMFORTABLE, but extremely invigorating and liberating.

4:00 pm

Recap, Sharing Circle Around The Fire

We will recap our day’s self-work activities and create a plan on how we will continue to support each other moving forward!