The goal of Live Your Heart Out (LYHO) Coaching™ is to support you on your journey of healing, growth, and connection.

A Whole-Hearted Perspective

The LYHO Coaching™ Program is grounded on the principle that it is your body, your health, and your choice of how you want to live.

We are not here to change you or tell you how to live.

We are simply here to hear you, understand you, hold space for your healing, and provide the tools and resources for your journey. We challenge you to reach outside your comfort zone and perhaps see the world with a different lens.

 We help you get oriented, but you are the ultimate creator of your journey, alongside the Great Powers that be.

We walk you through the 6 phases of the journey:

Make Space Time slows down when you prioritize self-care.
Feel Your Feelings Be in your body. Go within.
Let Go Release what you can't control. Trust the process.
Align Align your mind, body, and soul to a greater purpose.
Move Reach beyond your comfort zone.

By the end of the LYHO Program, you can expect to live a more conscious, fulfilled, authentic, and wholesome life. You will feel more connected to your life’s purpose and your true nature. You will feel empowered and trust yourself to make the right decisions and reach your life’s goals. You will be healthier and more energetic. You will no longer rely exclusively on external validation for happiness and belonging.

You will feel more freedom to Live Your Heart Out.

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