Custom Retreats

Your Journey.
Your Creation.

You may have a vision for your retreat, which is why we are providing an option where you can create your own dream-come-true retreat. This is ideal for wanderlusters or wellness professionals who want to design and lead their own experience.

We provide the accommodations, meals and wellness services, and you can build your own itinerary with or without our guidance. You can lead your own experience, workshops or excursions, or we can lead them.

It’s completely up to you.

How It Works

Set an intention and a journey theme.
Select a date and the length of your stay.
Invite other guests (if you so choose).
Design your itinerary.
Show up with an open mind and heart.
Surrender to the healing magic of The Sanctuary.

Design Your Retreat

Packages start at $295/person.

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Expeditions & Excursions

There’s an infinite list of exploratory activities to do at The Sanctuary and surrounding areas. Here are just a few for you to choose from.

Hiking at Beamer Falls

Sunrise & Sunset Hikes


Hydrotherapy Circuit

Waterfall Exploration

Waterfall Exploring

Earth Connection

Earth Connection Classes

Niagara Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Tour

Nutrition and Cooking Lessons

Cooking & Nutrition Lessons

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy

Yoga and Medidation

Yoga & Meditation Sessions

Life Coaching

Dream Boarding & Life Coaching Workshops


Paddleboarding or Snowshoeing (Seasonal)

Start Your Journey

Explore which retreats and packages are right for you and where you are right now. We only host up to 8 guests per retreat to ensure an intimate and safe space.

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