The goal of acupuncture is to rebalance the body’s energy, or qi, and encourage the body to release natural chemicals to return to a state of wellbeing.

An Ancient Healing Art

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to heal illnesses, alleviate pain, and promote general wellbeing. Acupuncture works by stimulating the nervous system to improve blood flow to areas where blood flow has been restricted. Where there is blood flow, toxins and dead blood cells can be cleared out of the way to make space for new cells. Improved circulation allows the nervous system to direct organs and cells to do their respective jobs properly.

At Beamer Falls Sanctuary, acupuncture is used to decrease pain, inflammation and restore nervous system and musculoskeletal function. The needles used are very fine and are not inherently painful. However, certain acupuncture points may be sensitive for some and they can feel a ‘qi’ sensation, which is often a good sign. At Beamer Falls Sanctuary, acupuncture is used as part of an integrated wellness plan and is rarely used as a stand-alone treatment.

Dry needling is a specific acupuncture technique used to trigger a nerve bundle to release tension and stuck motor pathways. This technique can be acutely painful, but the pain does not often last longer than 24 hours.

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