Frequently Asked


The location of The Sanctuary being on the Niagara Escarpment, in the Carolinian Forest, next to the Beamer Falls Waterfalls, and on the property of Beamer Falls Manor are some of the magical qualities about The Sanctuary. The history, energy, flow, and nature all combine to make this space the idyllic place for healing and growth. This location has been the place where people have fallen in love, gotten married, where our son was born, where dreams have been manifested, and lives transformed for the better.

Our first session together will be an intensive 3 hours where we will do a comprehensive assessment. We will look at your mental health state, your alignment, strength, and movement quality. We will review your health and wellness goals and come up with a plan together to help you reach your goals. You can expect a treatment session and some homework to do. Typically, the next session takes place one week later. You will leave with more clarity, hope and feel relaxed after our first session.

Typically, we recommend 12 sessions within 90 days. It takes about 3 months for you to build strength and learn new habits in this time.

Yes. As of now, physiotherapy services are considered essential. Lockdowns do not apply to health care services.

The Sanctuary exists to help promote health and wellness. If wearing a mask helps you feel safe and well, it is your choice. Most of our services can be done outdoors with fresh air. We will work with you so that you feel safe, even though we cannot guarantee your safety.

We do not discriminate against clients based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, health status, vaccination status, or genetic information (including family history). Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated and we will not allow any clients in The Sanctuary who show any signs of hateful speech or discriminatory behaviour. All who are capable and actively willing to participate in their healing and personal growth journey are welcome.

Of course. While I am a yoga teacher and practice it as a lifestyle, I’m not here to push any spiritual agendas on anyone else. We can certainly do non-yoga exercises and practice other forms of movement.

Yes. You can purchase a 12-session package that can be used for a group of up to 6 in your family.

Most extended health care plans cover physiotherapy services. It is up to you to determine how much coverage you have for physiotherapy. We do not bill directly. You will receive a physiotherapy invoice and you must submit your invoice to get reimbursement. Some useful questions to ask your insurance company:

  • What is the total amount of coverage per family member per calendar year?
  • Are there any deductibles?
  • What is the % covered per visit?
  • What is the amount covered per assessment?
  • Is there a maximum amount covered per visit?
  • When is the calendar year?
  • Are there flex dollars that would cover health equipment, membership fees, or wellness services?

No. I am a Registered Physiotherapist that uses yoga, massage, acupuncture, and hydrotherapy as modalities. Insurance plans cover professional services, and not modalities.

Your health is your responsibility. If you are fortunate enough to have coverage, then please make use of that coverage to maximize your health. If you do not have coverage, then it is up to you to invest in your health for your future’s sake. The rates will not be altered based on how much coverage you have.

It is $295 for a 3-hour session (assessment and follow-up), which includes:

  • 60 min - manual therapy session
  • 120 min - hydrotherapy session

For a 12-session package, it is $195 for a 3-hr session.

For a 2-hour hydrotherapy session (no hands-on treatment) it is $145.

For a 12-session package, it is $95/session.

All sessions will include complimentary tea and beverages. You will receive a physiotherapy invoice at the end of each session.


The Sanctuary is a wellness clinic, and NOT a spa. This means that you will be working directly with a registered health professional and will receive a physiotherapy invoice, where no HST is charged. As we offer holistic services, your session is considerably longer and more cost-effective for the time spent here. We are also not located in a busy city plaza in an enclosed area where there is a greater chance for you to be exposed to airborne illnesses. We offer a healthier and more beautiful environment to support your wellness needs. Additionally, we offer 12-session packages because clients will benefit from a holistic treatment plan, rather than a random treatment session.