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"You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop."
― Rumi ―

When individuals are healthy, then the community is healthy.
When communities are healthy, then the world can be healthy.

It starts with one person.
And that person is you.

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Who We Help

Wellness Services

We work with individuals who have goals to heal injuries, trauma, or illnesses that may be preventing them from being active participants in their lives. We also support clients who have more proactive goals to prevent illnesses, grow stronger, and optimize health and well-being.

How We Help

LYHO Wellness Process

We start with a comprehensive whole body, whole life Wellness Assessment to determine your treatment plan with you. Your therapeutic sessions will be determined by your goals, progress, and preferences. We provide a variety of wellness services that can support you on your path of healing, growth, and connection.

"Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth." ― Shirley Chisholm

What We Do

Fee Schedule

We offer a complimentary Wellness Tea & Tour at The Sanctuary to help you decide if you would like to work with us. All guests at the Sanctuary will go through a comprehensive Wellness Assessment first, prior to beginning treatment sessions. Depending on your goals, we generally recommend that you book a minimum of 12 treatment sessions within a 3-6 month time frame to maximize gains.

You will receive a physiotherapy receipt for the wellness assessment and all therapeutic services, including the hydrotherapy circuit. No HST is charged on physiotherapist-guided wellness services.

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Free Wellenss Assessment

1 hour | FREE, In-person Or Online/Video Chat

For this in-person session, guests will have a complimentary tea and tour. We will have a chance to sit and chat in front of the waterfalls and have a Q&A session. You will leave here with more clarity about the next steps of your wellness journey.

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 Wellenss Consult

1 hour, 30 minutes | $195, In-person

This physiotherapy assessment includes a full history, holistic body assessment, and treatment. The treatment may include a combination of acupuncture, yoga therapy, massage, body work, and pelvic floor therapy.

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 Wellenss Services

1 hour | $145, In-person

A hands-on physiotherapy treatment that may include acupuncture, massage, exercise therapy, and lifestyle modification.

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3 hours | $295, In-person

For the full Wellness Assessment, we will do a thorough health history and create a comprehensive wellness plan based on your goals. A 90 min treatment session would be included as well, which can include a combination of hydrotherapy pools, acupuncture, yoga therapy, bodywork, and massage.

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 Wellenss Services and Hydrotherapy

2 hours | $245, In-person

Each mind-body therapeutic session can include a combination of massage, manual therapy/mobilizations, acupuncture, nutrition & lifestyle coaching, yoga, meditation, breathwork, exercises, and/or hydrotherapy. What modalities are selected are based on the guest’s goals and preferences.

Complimentary tea and water are included with each visit.

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